Savoir faire

A Vigneron responsible of his terroir.

Thibaud Brocard's vision

« My way to work the vineyard and the wines is simple. I promote the vintage with only single grap from one single parcel, with a long aging on lees to improve the autolysis of the yeast and obtain those aromas of brioches that i enjoy so much.

In my mind, there is a true passion for the blanc de noirs, even thought i produce blanc de blancs. The pinot noir, by his complexity, is a grap variety which plot me very much. I prefer inox instead of the wood, to keep an intact expression of my vineyard. I’m not labeling organic viticulture, however i’m much more closer to the organic method than conventional method. I’m practicing some creeds from the biodynamie which seem interesting and useful.

Today, i consider myself as a winemaker responsible of his terroir. In the vineyards, no anti-rot, no anti-oidium from synthesis chemical products, a management of the anti-mildiou carefully reasoned ally to some tiny dose of copper. The glyphosate has been banished more than 20 years ago.

In my eyes, understand and take care of my vineyard is the biggest part of my job of winemaker. »

Know how

Our know how

The elaboration of the Champagne Brocard Pierre is a blend of new and old methods intended to create a wine of gastronomy, reflecting our winery and our terroir : the Côte des Bar.

His underground clay and limestone Kimmeridgien brings longevity and personality to our Pinot Noir as well as minerality and vivacity to your Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay.

For Thibaud, shape a wine of quality, it’s following the necessary steps of the winemaking but not clubbed the wine with many products which rub out the expression of a so generous terroir. Our press is a traditional Coquard which insure a slow and homogenous press to avoid too much extraction of color. We make our wine only under stainless steel to respect the best the reflect of our terroir. We work under nitrogen to limit the add of sulfer to the minimum. Then we can offer you wines free and gourmand.